Week 3/20 – 3/24


Panther Classic Basket (for 6A class only):

Relaxation Basket

I need your help getting our basket together for the Panther Classic.

Please send an item(s) clearly marked with students name and the value of the item before April 3rd. These items may include gift cards, tickets, caps, themed jerseys/shirts, signed paraphernalia, trading cards, bobble heads, pucks, balls, etc. For our theme you could pick anything that you think is relaxing to add to our basket.

Shout out to:

  • Brady and Mrs. Potter for getting our basket, peppermint & jasmine bath salt, and lavender vanilla hand soap!
  • Aolani and Mrs. Velez for getting a glade sweet pea candle, a dead sea mud pac face mask, and classic butter popcorn!
  • Laila for getting winter white woods hand lotion, frosted wonderland body cream, a black head face mask, frosted wonderland body lotion, and a detoxifying lemon sheet face mask!
  • Mackenzie and Mrs. Howard for getting chamomile tea, zen tea, and two grey coffee cups!

Conference night Tuesday and Thursday 4:00-7:00


  • Quiz on Friday: Identifying 3D Shapes, Surface Area (SA) of 3D Shapes


  • None

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